iOS Objective-C Swift

Pulling apart an iOS App

The App Store Since its initial release on July 10, 2008, the iOS App Store has amassed over 2.2 million apps. Combine that with a study by Nielsen in 2015 which shows that the average smartphone user interacts with 10 apps a day, and 30 apps a month for a total of over 35 hours […]

LLDB Objective-C

[LLDB/Xcode] Manipulating the currently executing line

Have you ever wanted to quickly see the result of a particular code path, but realized you had to stop the app, comment out or modify some code, and run the app again so that the new code follows a different path? There may be a quicker way to achieve this. Consider the following example: […]


Ghost Classes

By exploiting a property of the Objective-C runtime, it’s possible to have a class living and breathing in memory without it ever have been imported, allocated, nor initialized anywhere else in the code base. The property in question is the +load message that is sent to every NSObject shortly after a class is loaded into […]