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Pulling apart an iOS App

The App Store Since its initial release on July 10, 2008, the iOS App Store has amassed over 2.2 million apps. Combine that with a study by Nielsen in 2015 which shows that the average smartphone user interacts with 10 apps a day, and 30 apps a month for a total of over 35 hours […]

iOS Swift

Taylor Swift’s new app “The Swift Life™” was not written in Swift

Late December 2017, Taylor Swift’s new iOS app called “The Swift Life™” hit the app store. The app is geared towards social media, allowing you to post content and interact with other people’s content in much the same way as Facebook, Instagram, and all the typical social media platforms we’re all familiar with. However, the one […]


kSecAttrAccessGroupToken – A workaround for the keychain autodelete behaviour found in iOS 10.3 beta2

December 27, 2017 update: According to this post on the Apple Developer forums regarding the issue discussed in this topic, This is a bug in the beta that should already be fixed by the time you read this. kSecAttrAccessGroupToken is writable only by CryptoTokenKit smart card drivers. Apps can query the keychain using that attribute […]